Monday, November 15, 2010

It's a zoo out there

We decided to take another trip to the zoo since the weather has been perfect. This time my sister Tatum was able to come.

On our way!

It took baby K awhile to get into the animals. She was more interested in the little birds on the ground, or the little kids running around everywhere.

I wouldn't want to make this guy mad. Check out those horns! Yikes!

Love this face! (Doesn't she look a little mischievous?)

Playing peek-a-boo with Tatum

The lion by far was the coolest. He just sat there staring at everyone. (Probably trying to decide which one he wants to pick off first, if he had the chance)

Thanks for coming Tatum! We had so much fun!
The End!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hit the rewind button

I know this is a little late coming. October was a busy month, a good month, but busy!
My beautiful sister Tobi got married on the 21st to Ron, and we couldn't be happier for them!

(Doesn't she look amazing?!)

The amazing bridesmaids!

The whole family (WOW! We are getting big!)
**Pictures courtesy of my amazingly talented sister Tassi.
Check out her blog **

Wedding down.....Halloween UP!

We were excited, it was Miss K's first Halloween, but sadly she was sick, we still tortured her to try and get some pictures. (As you can tell they aren't the best, but she was still so stinkin' cute!) We went to our Ward's Trunk or Treat, ate hot dogs, and passed out candy.

My little Lady Bug!

Going right for the good stuff!

Can you guess what I am....A mom! Hahaha! Not really, I didn't get into the costume thing this year, maybe next year.

Baby K with some of her cute cousins, the robot, the latin dancer, and superwoman!