Sunday, July 12, 2009

Colorado Rocky Mountain High...

For the 4th of July we were lucky enough to escape the heat and go to Colorado. We stayed at my brother-in-laws family cabin. Here are a few pictures of our adventures....

We took a hike to some amazing waterfalls.

Everyone who made the hike. It was the most exercise I have gotten since I found out I was pregnant (ya, I know sad, don't judge me!)

The amazing view! It looked like the Great Valley (you know from Land Before Time..."we're on our way, the way to the great valley!!!!")

Matt and I took some engagement pictures!!!

Thats my man showing off his mad shooting skills. We went shooting with some of my siblings, & spouses.

R.I.P "Dead Meat". This is our friend that made the long trip home with us. Matt hit this bird within 15 minutes of us leaving the cabin. We decided to see how long it would stay on the truck, and it lasted the entire trip...all 10 hours!!!! Dead Meat is the loving name Matt gave him.

Lastly, you might have to enlarge this picture, by far the best thing we saw the entire trip. You could see this from both directions. Just remember "Jesus is watching you!".

We had a lot of fun and wish we could go back, especially to escape the 200 degree weather!!!! Thanks Tatum & Chase for taking us!